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2016-17 Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is funding in addition to the school's budget. Schools are free to decide how to allocate this funding to best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils. In 2015/16 the school received £70,536 in Pupil Premium allocations. In 2016/17 this will be £77,500.

In 2015/16 the pupil premium was used in a variety of ways.

These included:

  • Maintaining the full-time hours of classroom assistants to ensure one per class to deliver personalised intervention.
  • Employing an additional teacher to support identified groups of underperforming pupils November to June
  • Employing 1 extra teaching assistant to provide additional input in key stage 1, this allowed a variety of intervention groups to be established these included fast track phonics in year 1 and 2.
  • Staff training for math intervention success@arithmetic to deepen understanding of place value and number in key stage 2
  • Early morning Maths club once per week before school
  • Provision of a variety of free, or highly subsidized, on-site and off-site curriculum enhancements including a residential visit for Year 6 children
  • Employment of a part time clerical support officer who has taken responsibility for contacting the patents of absent children, and monitoring attendance, reporting to the Headteacher.
  • Provision of some breakfast club and after school provision

Examples of impact in 2015/16 include:

  • Year 1 phonics assessments due to additional support and use of Fast Track Phonics delivered by a teaching assistant were well above national averages for all pupils but also for FSM children. In June 2016 all year 1 children reached the expected standard. The small number of children who failed to reach the standard the previous year reached the standard when retested in Year 2
  • The percentage of disadvantaged pupils in school achieving the expected standard at the end of key stage one was in line with all children nationally in all subjects.
  Key stage 1 Assessments Percentage at Expected+ in June 2016
    Disadvantaged In School All School All Nationally
  Reading 73%  72% 74%
  Writing 64%  66% 65%
  Maths 73% 79% 73%
  • Key stage 2 results in June 2016 at Exp+ the disadvantaged children were in line with all children national and were above them in reading and RWM combined although lower in writing.
    School School National
    Disadvantaged All All
  Reading 70% 59% 66%
  Writing 60% 63% 74%
  Maths 70% 59% 70%
  RWM Combined 60% 44% 53%


The school plans to continue with these strategies during 2016/17

  • To continue the additional teaching assistant to ensure our most vulnerable KS1 children make good progress and enter KS2 in line with their peers.
  • Hours for KS2 staff to deliver interventions ie accelread/accelewrite, success@arithmetic and first class@maths
  • Provide some breakfast club provision to improve punctuality and attendance.
  • Retain clerical assistant to support attendance and punctuality
  • Visits to a local university to inspire children to aim high.
  • Booster maths club for some Year 6 children in addition to the Maths Club


2015-16 Parent / Carer Questionnaire Feedback.....

The school have worked hard with our son and helped him with difficult subjects to do well in his SATs. Mr. Roscoe has worked hard at making sure that all pupils are fairly involved in football matches regardless of their abilities.
We are extremely happy with the school as a whole and think the standard of teaching is excellent.