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St Thomas the Martyr CE Primary School is a church school in which the Anglican tradition is taught and upheld.

Ours is a caring, calm and orderly school and our main aim is to provide a safe, secure and happy environment where all children are valued and given every opportunity to develop the skills, talents and abilities they possess. We accept that all children are unique and special. They need challenge and support throughout their learning life. We attempt to provide this.

Children are given opportunities to:

  • Learn about God following the traditions of the Anglican Church.
  • Develop moral values, judgements and positive attitudes to learning.
  • Form self-discipline and acceptable behaviour through trust, respect, understanding others and good manners.
  • Develop lively enquiring minds and a thirst for life-long learning.
  • Think for themselves, become independent and use their own initiative.
  • Listen attentively, with sensitivity to others and understanding.
  • Read, understand and enjoy books and material at an appropriate level.
  • Articulate ideas and meaning through the written word and in speech.
  • Develop mathematical concepts, thinking and problem solving.
  • Develop scientific, geographical and historical skills through observation, investigation and discovery.
  • Develop physical skills, strength, stamina and flexibility through PE, Games and Dance.
  • Develop creativity, and explore the spiritual dimension via Music, The Arts, drama, poetry, RE and worship.
  • Develop an understanding of faith, Christian beliefs and the traditions of the Church.
  • Explore opportunities for quiet reflection, questioning and thought.
  • Develop a sense of worth, pride in their achievements and a positive self-esteem.
  • Extend awareness, understanding and appreciation of others within school and the wider community.

 These aims are embedded within the daily life of school and are apparent within the whole curriculum.

2013-14 Parent / Carer Questionnaire Feedback.....

It is a fantastic school, instilling in its children values that are key to growing up to being caring and responsible young people and adults. The teachers teach these values in word and example; making pupils feel valued and that trying your own personal best is what matters.